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Developing new business with small companies and multinationals alike, our guiding principles of operation are the same.

Our range of services are adapted to your business needs, and range from initial assessment, through to direct sales responsibility and customer service.

We will openly and honestly assess your competences relative to the new market opportunities.

We will endeavour to energise your Business with new growth sales, and to increase the life-blood of new enquiries and orders within your Organisation.

We will help you build new relationships, obtain sustained customer satisfaction and repeat business.

With over 15 years experience of international business development in UK/France, and with qualified, experienced bilingual expertise, we can help you assess and develop new business opportunities.

This applies to UK Companies exporting to France (and other French speaking countries/colonies), and for French Companies wishing to develop in the UK.

Our key offerings can be summarised as follows.

Understanding your Business. This is the 1st critical step. We cannot understand your potential for growth, unless we first understand your Business.

Assess the Market: Market Surveys and Business Plans. We formalise a written marketing/business plan, tailored and customised to you and your products/services. We do not offer “off-the shelf” market sector reports.

Developing the Selling Process in your New Market: prioritise and focus on key target potential

Effecient and Effective Sales Presence. Macken Barnes can help you build an efficient and effective sales presence.

Find and Develop Strategic Partners/Alliances. We will review options to establish new network of strategic partners (where appropriate).

Help you make the most of Existing Customer contacts. We will help you expand on what you already do well.

Customer Service. We will act as an intermediate, and provide customer service contact if required.

Agency Agreements. Macken Barnes also provides their services for direct sales responsibility and market development.

Promotional Packages. Macken Barnes will put forward a costed promotional package based on the marketing plan for your Business.

Participation and Organisation of Conferences and Trade Fairs. We will inform you of the most appropriate trade fairs and conferences – to visit and exhibit. We are on hand to “man the stand”.

Sales and Financial Forecasts will be supplied as and when appropriate.

Local Market Administration and Legal Advice. We will inform you and assess the significance of potential legal and administrative barriers that may be relevant to your market.

Translation services.

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