Case Studies and Testimonials

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 Watch it Grow

1) Clear Edge Group (Industrial Filtration Media)

John Catalano, Clear Edge Sales Manager, Southern Europe, May 2011:

Damian is a very hard working individual who has represented us in the French Market.Our business in France has evolved and grown. He has increased sales, with more profitable business than we had in previous years, with more desirable accounts, bringing in more added value, as well as increased sales potential.Growth in other Clear Edge product groups has also been added to the historical base. The business we now have in France is a solid profitable business. Thanks to Damian’s efforts, we have become a reliable and competitive supplier in France”.

2) AB DUST CONTROL Ltd (Turn Key Industrial Pollution Control Equipment). 

David Bennett, Director, AB Dust Control Ltd, December 2011: Damian was a God-Send for our Business! He hit the ground running with our products and installations, and made a significant contribution to our business in new market and application areas”.

3) OSIL Ltd (Industrial Odour Control Solutions). 2012. Jas Sohl, Managing Director, OSIL, May 2012.

“Your business plan shows that you have a good understanding of our products, technologies and processes……. We therefore propose that you start on an interim 3 month consultancy role to start off with. This will enable us to focus on our target markets and how we intend to approach them, and with what product range etc… .”

4) General Kinematics, Europe Ltd (Industrial Vibratory Machinery). 2012/13.

Davide GADO, Managing Director, Europe, August 2012. “I have spoken very highly of Your Business Plan within our Organisation…..

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